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    Foxtel IQ HD with correct remote skin

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      A while back Alanrichey42 provided a custom remote file "Foxtel iQ2 Remote with Sky+ Image.zip"

      It works perfectly.


      Thank you for this File (S1401_PL.BIN) file it works perfectly and looks fantastic as a black remote.

      I have read your instructions on how to customise this remote.

      All the Buttons work perfectly and map to the correct commands

      In Australia we have Foxtel, I would like to rename the text on four of the buttons

      Sky button to FOXTEL,
      box office button to on demand,
      services button to active,
      interactive button to planner.


      As I only use an iPad and iPhone to watch the SlingBox the article on customising the remote doesn't help, is there any way to edit the skin so this can happen on my mobile device. Would it be possible to get a copy of the rmdu file.


      Thank you for the work you have done