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    Bitrate issue


      I just installed my Slingbox Solo.  I connected it to my WRT54G router & configured everything.  WIthin my home network I get an excellent bit rate of about 4mbps.  This morning I connected from the internet for the first time using the Slingplayer and the bitrate topped out at about 375 kbps which was consistant with my 5mpps internet speed.  I contacted my cable company and had my bandwidth increased to 10mbps with an upload of approximately 800kbps.  However, after I reset my modem and tried to connect through the interned, I only got a bitrate of 450-475kbps.


      I ran a speed test the results came back as 10mbps download & about 800kbps upload.  So I'm not sure what the problem is at this point. 


      Please help!

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          Upload speed is the issue.  I am running 3Mbps up and get good results with my SOLO.  I started at 2Mbps, then 5Mbps, then 3Mbps.  I decided to stay at 3 because 2 was not enough and 5 was too expensive.

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              I have a serious problem with the bitrate/picture quality I'm getting within my home network - I just can't get a half decent picture on my SlingPlayer!  I've got a new Humax PVR that is outputting freeview video at 720p to my telly.  It's connected to the slingbox by composite (no RGB out unfortunately).


              Looking on my SlingPlayer on a PC connected to my other TV in another room the picture quality is quite frankly awful.  It's all networked on Cat5 and I deliberately haven't set up internet access, so it should be streaming it really well in theory.  The picture is equally bad from my the SlingPlayer on my PC.


              Is there anyway I can improve the picture?  I don't understand why it's so bad.  My whole house is connected by cat5 going through a megabit switch and router, so my home network is as fast as is possible.  There is an 'Encoding' tab in the SlingPlayer options where you can optimise the resolution for local access, but it doesn't seem to make any difference whatever I set it to.


              Any insight or help greatly appreciated as at the moment the slingplayer picture really isn't useable. :-(