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    Poor quality on analog signal via coax




      I have setup my Slingbox Pro using a coax antenna cable with a analog signal.

      I am very dissapointed.

      I don't expect super high quality, but it should be good enough for a 22" monitor.


      The flow is okay and the sound is fine, but the picture is very grainy.

      Please have a look at the attached stills.


      I don't believe it is a bandwidth issue.

      I have tried to change frame rate to 1 frame per second.

      The picture is still grainy.

      Looking at MTV, it is very hard to read the text next to the MTV logo.


      I also have experienced this on a pc (Intel i7 + Nvidia) connected on the same local LAN as the Slingbox.

      The SlingPlayer displayed a streaming rate of 5000 Kbps, but still grainy.


      What can I do?

      I have no problems with the Windows System Recommendations.


      Best regards