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    setup help please


      I recently got a new router and I am having a terrible time trying to get my slingbox to work again.  I have reset it by holding the button on the back but when I am trying to set it back up it gets stuck on Initializing SlingAccounts...  screen.  Please help...

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          Hey jmath17 - is this issue still occurring? If so, can you provide a couple of details:


          • Browser/OS that you are using to connect to setup.slingbox.com
          • Is the Sling light on the front middle of your SOLO steadily pulsing, or...?
          • Take a screenshot of the error if possible



          Thanks much

          The Sling Support Team

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            I'm having a similar problem. I had set up my SlingBox Pro HD on my home network and was able to find the device w/ my Windows XP notebook. However, I was getting picture w/ no sound. So, I moved the SLingBox to a different set top box and a different internet connection. Now when I try to access the SBox I'm told that the device may not be online. All the right lights are on on the front of the SlingBox. Must I re-set it somehow, i.e. start form scratch again? If so, how do I escape the old account that was set up during my first effort?