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      All of a sudden my video is not in sync with my audio. It was working great ,then two days ago the problem started. Does anyone have any ideas how to correct the issue?

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          Hi, band67ff


          This issue gets fixed with a simple troubleshooting step: power cycling the Slingbox. You only need to unplug the Slingbox Power Supply from the power outlet, wait about 5 seconds and plug it back.


          Make sure to follow this recommendation and let us know how it works.

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              Thanks, it has worked and I have used it to fix other little nagging problems.  Another fix is to reset my cable box every once in a while.

              I'm right now in Abu Dhabi,UAE. I will be home in July and plan on getting all the updates I can. I also plan on updating my router and the memory in my computer. I'll be back in Abu Dhabi in late August for another year.

              Thanks again