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    Sudden death of Slingbox LAN interface / iPhone app under suspicion


      Has anyone else experienced the sudden death of a Slingbox Pro LAN interface, especially after buying Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone?


      My Slingbox has worked flawlessly for more than 2 years. No changes have been made recently to the physical setup or software options. The only change is that I have added the Slingplayer Mobile app to my iPhone. All was fine, I connected a few times from a hotel and loved it. Then nothing. When I got home the network lights on my Slingbox and router port were both out, and I couldn’t see the Slingbox from my local PC. I took the cable from another working PC and plugged it into the Slingbox instead, but to no avail. I did a full power down for several hours to drain any capacitors … there were a few more flashing lights on boot, but in the end no difference - nothing but the power light left on. I’ve also used the reset button.


      I’ve never known a network interface failure as early as this. They normally last for decades. I therefore suspect it may have been disabled by a firmware problem – but without network connection I can’t touch the firmware. Catch 22.


      I haven’t dismantled it yet, but does anyone know if there’s an emergency serial port inside the box, for command line programming and/or upload of new firmware via TFTP etc? It’s out of warranty, but was too expensive to just throw away ….

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          I’ve solved it, my Slingbox Pro is now working again …


          After searching these forums & the Internet it seems there are an awful lot of Slingbox owners who have experienced identical problems in the last 6-8 months. I’ve no idea why it hasn’t become a prominent tip on the support FAQs.


          Universal symptoms are a sudden loss of connectivity, and the network lights going out on the router and Slingbox – leaving just the power light on. On reboot the Slingbox network light flashes five times and then goes out, leaving just the power light on again. Pretty much every description is identical, on Slingboxes that had been working fine and were 2-3 years old.


          Many people posted that a replacement power supply solved it, others saying that it didn’t.


          So I ordered a new power supply and everything now works fine. I’ve also upgraded to the latest firmware so my iPhone player stops complaining. All fine. It was nothing to do with the Slingbox, the firmware or the iPhone app. Purely down to the power supply.


          The confusing part was that the power supply was still able to provide enough power to make a few lights flash, giving the impression all was OK in the power department. But it must have been insufficient to do anything else – and luckily was insufficient for my reset attempts to work, so I still have all of my original settings intact.


          It looks to me like a large batch of Slingboxes were shipped with faulty power supplies that systematically fail after 2-3 years.


          For those people reporting that a replacement power supply didn’t work, I would suggest trying again. I wouldn’t trust one sent out by Sling Media themselves . . . they might just be recycling their returns. Also, not all methods of transforming voltage are the same – so I strongly recommend avoiding cheap power supplies from auction websites etc.


          My original UK transformer says a 6V 3.5A output. The Slingbox spec says only 2.5A, and other people in the USA say their units quote 2.5A. The only other requirement is that the connector is a standard 2.5mm male power plug with positive centre.


          If it helps, the unit I purchased was a 6V 3.3A (20W) regulated plug transformer that came from RS Components (http://uk.rs-online.com) part number 445-232 (less than £28 inclusive of VAT and next day courier delivery). It has four interchangeable plates for worldwide compatibility (UK, Europe, USA, Australia pinouts). I specifically wanted my replacement to be a plug type.


          Please share this information. I urge you not to part with large amounts of cash to replace/upgrade your Slingbox until you have exhausted the power supply options.


          Cheers, Mark (original poster).