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    On screen remote disappearance

    uvicgrad85 Newbie

      My Pro HD was working fine, watching content from Canada in SE Asia when the on-screen remote disappeared.  The "show remote control" is greyed out, I've run the setup assistant and I can control the unit via that.  Once back into regular viewing mode, the on screen remote is no where to be found.


      Any big ideas?

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          uvicgrad85 Newbie

          A little more detail:


          The Pro HD runs a Bell ExpressVu HD DVR  (9200?) and a Kaleidescape player.   All remote functions were working perfectly from SE Asia and suddenly quit when on screen remote was used to switch inputs.


            My other sling boxes, (one in same location as above, the other in Hawaii ) work fine.   I was watching via Slingplayer software on a Windows XP notebook.  I tried the web viewer and was able to bring up remote, but all buttons are greyed out.  I ran set up assistance with a different remote and all buttons were greyed out on that one as well. Computer was rebooted.


          This is the 2nd time this has occured with the ProHD, though I was in the same location and dealt with it, (I think I simply pulled the power supply on it to reboot it, though I'm not sure....it was a few months ago).  That is not possible in current geographic circumstances....


          Is there any way to fix this remotely?