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    Slingbox PRO & SlingLink Turbo Won't Get IP Address. Help!


      I have a Slingbox PRO with a SlingLink Turbo installed on a TV upstairs. I have a SlingLink Turbo connected to my D-Link 655 Xtreme N router downstairs. I verified all wiring. I verified the SlingLink Turbos can link over the household wiring. The trouble started when my son unplugged the SlingLink Turbo from the house wiring, then plugged it back into a surge protector. It was unplugged 4 days before I noticed it. I plugged it back into the house wiring and the network and link lights flash.


      I reset the Slingbox PRO to factory setting, unplugged it and the SlingLink. I plugged the SlingLink back in and the lights stop flashing. I plugged the Slingbox back in and the lights on the front become steady. Here's where the trouble begins:


      I go down to my desktop computer to reconfigure the Slingbox. Everytime I do this, the Slingbox will not get an IP address, and the lights on both the SlingLink and Slingbox start flashing again. I have enabled port forwarding in my router to no avail. This slingbox worked on the network before. What do I do now?





      Roger C.