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    Slingcatcher setup using a LAN




      I have a slingbox solo connected to a BT homehub via comtan powerline adapters (one plugged into the slingbox in living room, the oterh plugged into my router in the hallway).  I want to add a slingcatcher to a bedroom - I did this initially by using a slinglink turbo plugged into the slingcatcher in the bedroom and the other slinglink turbo plugged into the back of my router - I'm assuming this means my slingbox is now connected to my slingcatcher via internet rather than the LAN?  Also it seems the bitrate at the slingcatcher is running around 200 which means the picture quality is unwatchable.


      Would another comtan powerline adapter (paired with the two I already have) solve the picture quality issue (would this mean the whole system would be working via the LAN therefore the upload and download internet speeds wouldn't matter)?


      Any advice greatly appreciated.