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    Stream speed on a Macbook

    vancanfan67 Newbie



      I just switched over to a macbook and have notice that when I watch my slingbox (or watch online) using my macbook, the stream speed is 15% to 20% slower than on my PC laptop. I have switch back and forth to make sure I wasn't seeing things; and indeed, the stream speed is much lower when using the macbook.


      Does anyone know of any reason why this is happening?



      Thanks in advance for any help.

        • Re: Stream speed on a Macbook

          Hi vancanfan67 -


          That's unusual! Does this issue occur when you're connecting at home, or remotely, or both? One thing you can try is to test your speed with both machines on the same network by connecting to speedtest.net (or similar site). If the test is returning IDENTICAL download and upload results, then you can at least rule out any issues between the two machines...


          Let us know how that goes - there may be additional steps you can take based on those results.



          The Sling Support Team