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    Sling box av and an ipad

    markdevoll Newbie

      I can't get my sling box av and my ipad to work. It says to go to there web site.   How come


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          Hi Markdevoll,


          The Slingbox SOLO and Slingbox PRO-HD are the only devices that can stream at the iPad’s higher resolution. The Slingbox PRO, Slingbox AV, Slingbox TUNER, and Slingbox Classic will not work at all with the iPad application because the are not compatible with it.


          iPad  >  Requirements


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              My boyfriend has an ipad1, an iphone 4, and a sling mobile app.


              We have two sling AVs in our home.


              He has no problems connecting and viewing those two AV boxes.


              I now have an ipad2 and after I downloaded the sling app for iPad, it says the AV boxes will not work and that I have to instead upgrade to newer equipment.


              Only then did I notice in the app description that you no longer support the AV with the newer apps.


              I also read the sling mobile app, and it too says it will not work with the AV.


              well, we are not going to upgrade our sling boxes.   It is absurd to ask us to do so at this time.


              You clearly have apps that work with the AV and latest apple products, my boyfriend has them.


              But now I am unable to use my existing investments in sling boxes (AV) on my apple products.


              Or am I mistaken?


              Is there a way to download an app that will work on my iPad2 and Iphone4 and AV boxes?


              If not, why have you chosen to forsake the people who initially jumped on your young bandwagon and leave us without a way to use our investments until such time as they have broken or become obscenely out of date?  And IMO, 4, 5 years is not obscenely out of date.

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              I'm in the same boat:  Slingbox AV- Use on PC (free), Android phone ($30) and used to use on Windows phone ($30).  Just bought an Ipad and want to use it there.  I'd spend the $30 again for the software to use it, but I am unlikely to spend the money on new sling hardware $150+ plus go through the configuration process and spend the $30 on the software. 


              I read that the iphone version does not support Slingbox av but: "This player may work with the original Slingbox, the slingbox av, and the slingbox tuner but we can not guarantee a good experience or that it will continue to work in the future." 


              Does anybody have more information on this?  Specifically I have a Slingbox AV with software ver 1.2.12.  Will it work with the current iphone software on the ipad?  I'm not looking for incredible HD quality.  If it works as good as my 4" android phone, or better yet the PC browser version, I'll gladly spend the $30 for the iphone software and load it on the ipad.