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    Video Chopping but Bandwidth is very good




      I have a slingbox hd pro that up until recently has worked pretty well.  I have checked to ensure I have the latest firmware/software for the slingbox hd pro and it reports that it does have the latest software.


      I have run a speakeasy.net speedtest and my bandwidth is averaging:  20mbps down and around 8mbps up.  I use comcast cable for my internet and I have the 2nd highest speed package you can get.


      My video is chopping when I view my slingbox on BOTH the slingplayer web AND slingplayer desktop for mac.


      I have tried manually adjusting the quailty settings for video, and even on the lowest quality setting, it's still choppy.


      I'm at a loss.


      Anyone have any ideas?


      On the web, I'm viewing it in Firefox, with the slingplayer plugin and on my new macbook pro with OSX 10.6.6 I have the latest desktop software.


      Thank you in advance for any assistance.