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    Do I need the Slingturbos?


      I've had a Slingbox AV for many years and had it set up with two Sling Media wireless boxes so I could hook the Slingbox up to my router, which was located across the room, without having to run a cable across a doorway.  I just replaced the AV with a Pro HD, and during the set up, the software was not installing properly.  I thought that maybe the two wireless boxes weren't strong enough for the new generation of Slingbox, so I ran a cable directly from the Pro HD to my router and the software installed properly.  Following installation, I reconnected the two wireless boxes, but then the system didn't work.  So the only way I can get the Pro HD to work is string a cable across the doorway, directly connecting the Pro HD and my router.  This is not a good long-term solution, so, before I blow $160 on two Sling Turbos, I am wondering if they will take care of the problem and allow me to operate the Pro HD wirelessly again?