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    Slingplayer 1.5 says streaming but remote isn't working


      This is another problem I've had next to my other post. Since the internet viewing wasn't working I tried going through my desktop application. I originally started with 2.0 but even after turning off and placing the program on the exception list for my firewall, it claimed that my internet was not connected. I read another post and it said 1.5 didn't do this to them. So it worked, I was able to connect to my slingbox, and it said it was streaming with 100% buffering but I can't get the buttons on the remote to work and turn on the the tv. All I'm left with right now is a black box with no sound or picture and a remote that loads but I can't use the buttons. I'm a real noobie at Slingbox and I have absolutely no idea what to do. Any help would be appreciated.