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    Video OUT!


      I have an iphone4 and a slingplayer solo. I just purchased the app on itunes and I have the apple component AV cable. I have read some reviews on the slingbox site saying there is no video out option and then I read stuff saying there is. How do I actually do this? The ones that says you can do it. Say you need the latest version of slingbox firmware, which I do. Help!

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             Sorry Spine but it's not going to work.... I did the same thing hoping to finally get an output on video.  You probably are getting audio sound but no video.  "Airplay" is the same way.  Actually I am really disappointed but hope Slingbox will come out with another update that will add video out for their customers.  Sorry for the unfortunate news but there are a lot of customers out there posting about this and seem to be rather upset about the issue.

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            Hi, Spine81doc and cbras


            The TV-Out feature is currently available for the SlingPlayer Mobile application on your iPhone. The following link will provide you with further information.


            SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone now supports TV-out

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                Yes it says it does. But I have my solo hard lined at home and n-router where i want to video out it. plug it into the tv and all i get is sound. I use the apple provided cables and still only get sound.

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                  Slinbgox support, please respond.  When will SQ video output be available for the iphone?!?!  Internet bandwidth does not grow on trees, and in many cases like have been listed here, SQ video output is sufficient.


                  Please Respond!!

                • Iphone App Video out in SQ mode PLEASE!

                  I have the iPhone 4, slingbox solo, apple video out cables and use the slingplayer app on my iPhone to watch video through my in car video system.  However this only works when I'm parked in my garage where I can get strong enough wifi signal to run the setup in HQ mode. As soon as I try to drive anywhere the signal reverts to SQ and I lose the video. (AT&T just doesn't provide enough signal locally to provide HQ over 3G cellular).


                  Developers PLEASE remove the HQ retirement.!!!  I don't need HQ to enjoy video on my incar LCD monitors; SQ would be just fine. I've spent a ton of money to set all this up and this is the last thing that's holding up an otherwise slick setup.


                  By the way (it's for video In the reAr seats so  not breaking any laws here:)