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      Have a Slingbox Classic connected to my Dish Network 722k receiver.  It is connected to TV2 and the receiver is using an HDMI cable to connect to the TV.  I know i should get a slingbox PRO HD but why?  nothing i view it on will show in HD, so why spend the money?


      Anyway, i get a connection on my IPhone or TV but it shows TV2 in standby mode and when i click on the online remote for DISH, it does nothing for TV2 but will change the channel of TV1.  i'm positive all the connections are correct, as i've double and triple checked them.


      any help would be much appreciated!

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          Hi, medimn


          The main issue is that most of the times, the dual tuner boxes (Dish Network 722k) are designed to use the Radio Frequency signal on the TV2 output and the Infra Red signal on the TV1 output.


          Since the Slingbox works only with Infra Red signals, you must connect the Slingbox to the TV1 output, instead of using the TV2 output.