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    Connecting to someone elses Slingbox in error?????


      Hi there,


      My Slingbox Solo has been working beautifully for months - then last night, it kept connecting to someone elses account.  So on the signon page with the RED header my account would be showing, then when I click through to Watch, someone elses account is showing and someone elses slingbox connects.  More worryingly, it connects all the way through and asks me if I want to jump them out.


      I managed to fix part of this by changing the location back to UK - it had moved to SE for some reason - and we did then connect to our own slingbox.  However, it kept telling us that someone else was using it - we cold bounce them out, but they then bouced US out a few minutes later.


      We then changed the password on the account to see if anyone had hacked into our account - but no, minutes later the same thing happened.


      We now cannot watch any of our TV which is massively frustrating.


      Anyone else had or having this problem?  It seems to imply something wrong at Slingbox central where somethign has been mapped wrongly onto our account.





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          Hi, joyoung


          First, we recommend you to test if you are connected using your Slingbox ID. You only need to access your Sling Account and gather the information about the Slingbox ID.


          Then, using the SlingPlayer software but without logging to your Sling Account, test the connection to your Slingbox. If it works, erase the Slingbox ID from your Sling Account, log off and log back in order to add the Slingbox ID.


          Make sure to follow these steps and let us know how it works for you.

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            I have the same issue with my Sling solo box. I logged into the sling homepage, and all is fine. When I went to WATCH, the name on the upper right changed to someone elses, and I was connecting to and watching his sling.


            I tried everything: logging out and back in, using a different brower, different computer, resetting my browser, etc.


            One thing that DID work was installing and using the legacy Sling player client, which can still be downloaded here:



            NOTE: I have noticed that a number of the people having this issue are logging in from Asia. I found people in Singapore and Thailand are having this issue. I myself am in Bangkok Thailand.


            Please share: What country were you in when you experienced this issue?


            I am suspecting the "country of origin" may have something to do with this....