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    Connection problems with slingbox solo.


      Hi all,


      I am currently using a slingbox solo to connect to my Starhub hubstation. The Starhub hubstation comes with a 1Mbps internet connection (which works perfectly), but when connected to the internet output of the slingbox, I am unable to detect the device using another laptop/PC with another active connection.


      I have tried to include a netgear router in between the hubstation and the slingbox and the problem was resolved. But is it possible to use an ethernet switch(which is not wireless and is much cheaper) in place of the router? Or is there any available solution out there for direct connection between the hubstation and the slingbox?


      Thank you in advance for the assistance.



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          Hello Quatre.


          You will need to install the Slingbox using with a home router in order to establish a network connection and for the Slingbox to get an IP address. If your Slingbox is not near the router you can use SlingLinks or a wireless bridge for the installation. As long as the other device is getting feed from a router, you should not have any issues with the connections.


          Feel free to check the following links for additional product information and recommendations to install the unit.


          Using your Slingbox