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    Slingcatcher continues to stream but remote functions not transmitting


      I have a Slingbox SOLO in California and I'm in Paris.  I have a Slingcatcher box with me in Paris.  In the last month or so the oddest thing has started to happen.  After 20 minutes or sometimes even a couple of hours of on time the Slingcatcher seems to stop transmitting the remote control functions.  The video stream is still coming in from the Slingbox and when I push the remote control functions the Slingcatcher still recognizes the commands but nothing is happening.  If I unplug/replug or reset the Slingcatcher all returns to normal and the function returns.  The Slingcatcher does get pretty hot but I have it surrounded by air.  Is this an overheating issue?


      Has anyone had this issue and found a resolution?