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    external hard drive and ethernet question


      1. Can you connect an external hard drive to the slingbox 350 or 500 and watch the drive's content? PC mag was suggesting you could on the 500, but I thought it was used to send photos, etc ... to the external hard drive on the 500. I didn't think you were capable of viewing the hard drives content, such as downloaded videos, etc. Please be specific of the model in your answer, so that I can get the correct box if only one does it.


      2. I have the uverse wireless boxes throughout my home. When I connect my blu ray player via ethernet cable to these boxes, it gives the blu ray player an internet connection. Could I do the same with the slingbox 350? In other words, do I have to be near a router, or can I connect the 350 to the uverse wireless box to connect it to my network?


      Thank you kindly