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    Request development of a PACE RNG150N remote.


      In April of 2011 a request was made for additional programing for a Pace remote model number RNG150N. Since then several users have tried, with no success, to get Slingbox to add an additional virtual remote. Below is what one user pointed out. This is very similar to others. Not sure why Slingbox is not able to address the problem.


      1)  If I press the "My DVR" button on  the real physical remote provided by my cable company (Insight  Communications in Lexington, KY), the screen  that comes up on my TV has  the 'Pace' logo on it along with an  icon/picture of a house indicating  it is communicating with my storage  unit.  I also get a list of all my  programs with an option to 'View by  client' which allows me to see and  play all programs recorded by all  three clients.


      2)   However, if I press the "My DVR" button on the virtual remote provided   with the Slingbox player software, the screen that comes up does NOT   have the 'Pace' logo or the icon/picture of a house.  Instead, I get  the  Insight company logo, and there is no option to 'View by client.'    Instead, I can only see and play programs recorded from the client to   which my Pro HD Slingbox is attached.  Very strange!


      I   am no software expert, but it appears the virtual remote is sending a   different IR code to the Pace client box than is sent by the real,   physical remote.  Can anyone at Slingbox fix this??

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I doubt it.  It sounds as though Insight have 'tweaked' the remote to send a different code to the standard one, and there is no way Sling could cope with that.  I might be able to help though.  What happens if you use the Custom Remote at Motorola DCT-6416 III PVR ?

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            keith.sling Apprentice

            Hello Jimmy21,


            Thank you for utilizing our answers forum here! I understand that you are looking for a remote that is not currently in our system. The best place to go for this would be right within our forum here, in our Enhancement Requests and Product Feedback section. We currently have a team working on adding remotes to our database and this is the place where they get their information from. Furthermore, you can always check in our What's New section to see the most up to date list of remotes, as well as any other Slingbox news.


            Here are the links I described above:



            Hope this helps!



                 The Sling Moderation Team