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    Remote control problems - SlingBox Solo - Virgin HD Box


      Hi All, hopeing someone can help.


      Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, did try to get the right one, but first time posting


      Have installed my slingbox solo, connected to a Virgin HD box, and it works like a dream, over my LAN and the Internet. The one issue I am having is finding a working virtual remote. The box is a Cisco 4585DVB according to the label. I have worked down the list of the Cisco remotes, with no luck.


      I have double checked to make the IR repeaters are correctly and firmly connected. I cannot indentify the location of the IR sensor on the front of the box. In fact the whole fron seems to act as a sensor as I am able to control the box with the hard remote from a wide angle.


      Another confusing issue is my understanding of IR is it is "line of site"? My remote seems to operate even if it is behind my back! Does this box use something other than IR?


      As I say everything else works fine, just cannot change channels remotely which is a problem when viewing away from home. Anybody any suggestions, possible alternative soft remote to try? or advice on the box?


      Anything would be greatly recieved as working down the lists is getting tedious