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    Is my Slingbox a brick?


      I have connected my solo to my virgin v+ box through component, it works for about an hour and then I lose video, but I still get sound. The only way of getting my video back is to phone home and ask them to reboot the Slingbox. After rebooting, I only get video for a short while before the signal disappears. Incidentally,  when I connect with composite (to the v+ VCR out, through scart) to composite Slingbox in, I have no problems except I don't see the virgin menu, which is a pain because I have to search for channel numbers and input them manually.

      In summary, component gives me full functionality of the v+ box except the video signal dies after an hour or so, composite give a good video signal, but I have no virgin osd.

      Has anyone any ideas if the solo Is faulty or am I doing something wrong?

      Thanks in advance.