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    Bad speed after replacement of SlingBox Pro HD


      Our initial speed on our First slingbox pro hd was close to 1400 kbps.  The power supply went bad and they shipped me a new one.  Since we have hooked up the new one our speeds won't go past 465 kpbs. Anyone know of a fix or setting I can change to get me back to the past streaming rate?  Nothing else changed but the box.  I also ran speed test on my home network (where slingbox resides) and my external network (where we are watching on our PC)


      Home -

      Download Speed: 30.86 Mbps (3.86 MB/sec transfer rate)
      Upload Speed: 3.67 Mbps (0.46 MB/sec transfer rate)
      Latency: 38 ms


      Away/External -

      Download Speed: 23.1 Mbps
      Upload Speed: 2.4 Mbps

      Ping 129 ms

      Con/m 848