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    Slingbox as media center extender or to drive media center.


      Many people today are using Windows Media Center (WMC) to replace cable boxes.  The interface is quicker, more user friendly, and DVR is included free.  Many tuners for WMC support cable cards and have up to 6 internal tuners. Currently options to connect any Slingbox to a WMC are very limited.  No slingbox model accepts VGA/DVI/HDMI output that are typical for WMC PCs. A VGA/DVI to Component Video box is required (>$100).  Reportedly slingbox remote control of WMC is sluggish (1-2 seconds for remote control responses).


      Suggestion (any one of the following):

      #1 - Emulate a media center extender (ala XBox 360) from within the slingbox.

      #2 - Utilize a 3rd party API like Remote Potato to provide similar functionality

      #3 - Support HDMI input or other standard PC to video connectivity


      Business Objective:

      Leverages Windows Media Center capabilities to provide TIVO like functionality for minimal customer investment.  Slingbox will then compete with TIVO.


      Resolves Windows Media Center functional inadequacy in not providing place shifting capabilities.