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    Connecting a Slingbox Pro-HD without a TV set


      I received a Slingbox Pro-HD as a gift.  I would like to connect it to a digital Samsung cable box that is not attached to a TV set. It is located in the same room as my modem and router and has it's own cable connection but I no longer have a TV in there.  Any advice?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I don't think you need a TV to set up a SB HD to a standalone cable TV box, so long as the cable box is connected to a cable TV signal supply.  You will need the SB connected to a router that is connected to the internet, and you will need a computer connected to that same router to setup the SB (including signal source, and programming the virtual remote control on the SB to control the cable TV box.   If the cable TV box has already been setup to receive all of the cable TV channels properly (which I assume your previously confirmed by watching a TV connected to this cable box), then the TV is not really needed any more.