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    PC virtual remote OK,  Tablet virtual remote NOT OK (generic)


      So I decided to purchase the tablet version of slingplayer. Overall it has a nice picture opposed to the phone version but it lacks much functionality due to the virtual remote only displaying the generic one and not the correct manufactures remote like is displayed on the PC version. I have a Shaw Direct PVR and it is manufactured by Motorola, I found the correct matching remote via the setup utility and it displays and works great on the PC slingplayer version. Now I have the Tablet (honeycomb) version installed all I get is the generic virtual remote. The biggest issue with this is it hinders the functionality of the Tablet version as I cannot access the menu functions or the PVR list which is quit essential to it's operation. I hope someone can help shed some light on this issue because as it stands the phone version has all this functionality and is a better performer at this point in time. I find it disappointing how this newer version does not feel like it is ready for primetime. On a side note the built in epg (guide) is a very nice touch.  Sorry for the long read.

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          Hi dxintel, we are looking into this issue that you are  experiencing, however we would strongly appreaciate if you could as well report  this issue using the option "Send Sling Feedback" in the SlingPlayer app, you  can find this option in the menu "Settings" of the app.



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              Dear Rafael,


              Still looking into the issue ?

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                I sent a version of this complaint through the official feedback process within Slingbox for Tablets:


                I've been using the Slingplayer for Phones app on my Motoroal Xoom for the past 6 months or so, and it has worked very well.  About two months ago, I purchased the Slingplayer for Tablets app to get a little better picture quality.  Of course, I didn't read the fine print (ok, ok, it was actually quite clearly displayed in the description), and it was only after I installed and tried to start up that I found out my Slingbox Pro with HD adapter was unsupported.  So I quickly uninstalled for a refund.


                Earlier this week, I went ahead and upgraded to a Slingbox Pro HD so that I could use my Logitech Revue as a poor man's Slingcatcher in the master bedroom.  That, too, has exceeded my expectations in terms of picture quality.  My wife's even using it with limited "Honey, how do I..." questions.  Since I now have the proper hardware, I thought I'd give a go again at the Slingplayer for Tablets.


                As advertised, the picture quality on my tablet is absolutely amazing (I really thought it was pretty good before, but all I can say is "Wow").  However, and this is a show stopper for me, the remote for my Sony DVP-CX875 (300 disc changer DVD player) that I selected in the setup process does not have any disc changing or disc explorer remote functionality on the tablet.  Unlike the OP, it doesn't even have that functionality on the PC virtual remote.  However, both functions are available on the Slingplayer for Phones and the Slingplayer for Connected Devices for the Logitech Revue remotes (the disc explorer is a Custom button, but at least it's available).


                My second complaint about remotes is with the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 DVR remote.  Just like the OP, the remote on the Slingplayer for the Web works fine.  It also works fine on my Logitech Revue and on Slingplayer for Phones.  However, as with the Sony DVD player, the remote for the Slingplayer for Tablets is very basic.  I can't bring up the list of recorded shows, although I have to admit that the Guide functionality is pretty neat.


                Look, my daughter is 2 years old and eats up everything Disney.  I have shows from Disney recorded on the Scientific Atlanta DVR, and I have Disney movies out the wazoo stored on the multi-disc Sony DVD player.  It's very useful to have those available in the car, at a restaurant, or at the in-laws.  Now you can say that using these movies/shows is just a cop-out and certainly doesn't replace good parenting, but this has become the primary use of all my slingbox hardware and software.


                As you read in my first paragraph, I already downloaded the Slingplayer for Tablets in error once, so I can't get a refund from the market on this second download.  Apparently, if you download and get a refund once, you aren't eligible for a refund the second time.  My primary desire would be to get the remote functionality I need.  But if I can't get that, then I want my money back.  I have a workaround that involves starting up the Slingplayer for Phones app on my tablet, selecting the disc or picking a show from the DVR list, then shutting it down and starting the Slingplayer for Tablets to get the good picture quality.  It's more than annoying, and doesn't exactly do a lot for the WAF factor (never underestimate the wife useability factor).


                Again, I'm not complaining about the money.  My primary point is that I want the functionality I paid for. 

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                  Same issue with ICS 4.0.2 on Asus Transformer Prime.  Can control tuner, but not DVR.  Web App remote good, droid tablet app using generic.  I tried sending feedback using settings and send feedback.  Funny, it said no way to respond and check answers at website support.  Send feedback is useless for responses for support.  I'll try the "patch" fix and run setup with the generic Cisco remote, but is any permanent fix in the works?