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    Samsung app


      Are there any plans for a slingbox app for Samsung smart tv's

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          I too have the same question.


          These day new Samsung TV comes with Smart capability, using which we can install any Apps (just like in iPhone).


          I am looking forward from slingbox team to provide app for samsung smart TVs

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            Ditto. would like to see a SlingPlayer app for the Samsung Smart TV (and, if an app, then the Blu-ray players as well), as well as the XBOX360 and especially the Roku players. The Smart TV and Roku are the ones I look forward to the most, even though most folks that have a Slingbox are more likely to have an XBOX than a Samsung TV or Roku.


            I'd be more than happy to be a tests subject for all of these as well, not just for early access but because I'm already a well experienced IT tech and I have all of these devices available to me and I don't have an issues tweaking and playing with them to try new stuff out.

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              I, too, would like a SlingBox app for my Samsung smart TV.  Has SlingBox replied?