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    Error "Failed to add Slingbox"


      I just upgraded to the Pro HD and I have it running fine on my MacBook and an Mac Mini. However every time I try to load it on my ipad I get the "Failed to add Slingbox message". I am going nuts, spent 4 hours on this today. I had a Slingbox Pro and everything worked fine with the iPhone app. I am using an Actiontec router, but I had that set up fine with the old setup. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and also reset the Pro HD. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Know the feeling. Wasted hrs today loading new Pro-Hd to take place of Pro. Only to find out "their server is having issues for the past 6 days". In other words, my guess you are having the same issue as myself where you can't register a new Slingbox to your account. I finally got the new Pro-HD to load up but only works on the desktop I downloaded to. Can't get signal on laptops, cellphone, etc. The following error message pops up, "No slingboxes are in your account"...or something to that effect. Which is obvious, since the laptop/cellphones can't detect the new Pro-HD if it is not registered. After 2 phone calls to support (global obviously), they just told me they have had issues for the past week where "some" new slingboxes can't be registered. 1 WEEK! Geez, it's Xmas time, I've been a loyal customer for yrs and love the product, but this is a joke! The only reason I upgraded because of Santa Claus present, i.e. I Pad. You have to have Solo or Pro-HD. Today, after this fiasco, I have no cellphone app that works, no way to view on other laptops in house or anywhere. I'm not a happy camper at all!

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              I had some of those same problems. I had remote issues and used the old Mac Slingplayer to get those fixed. Also on the iPad I finally figured out you can load the IP address which fixed it on my home network.  I have definitely had the problem with registering the new box. I'm calling tech support tomorrow. Thanks for your update. Good luck.

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                Hi, cgberry11@bellsouth.net


                We were able to check your account and we could detect that you could register the Slingbox.


                According to the reported symptoms, we recommend you to make some adjustments on your router settings in order to fix this issue. You need to run the "Manual Configuration" for Internet Viewing.


                Internet Viewing

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                    1. I fixed my Slingbox by using the Mac Desktop Slingplayer software even though the Slingbox ProHD and slingbox.com player told me they would not work.


                    2. Sling had sever issues and would not acknowledge them. I tried for 4 hours Sunday to register my new Slingbox Pro-HD and kept getting an error. Tried Monday and it worked no problem without changing a thing.


                    3. The software on Slingbox.com would not load the remote, this has been mentioned on other threads. Used the Mac Desktop Slingplayer to get this right.


                    4. I am now on my 3rd Slingbox and completely understand how to set up my router and browser, yet support kept telling me it was a problem on my end, when it was a server issue on Sling's side.



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                      I could not even get the sling player to load on my I pad.  I keep getting a failure to load message instructing me to sign in to iTunes on my computer.  That does not help.

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                    I had the same problem with my new Echostar HDS-600RS. Turns out I have an apple aiport extreme which doesn't support UPNP. This allows the sling box to connect to the internet by configuring your NAT on the router. Instead, I had to :


                    1. Assign a static ip address on the aiport extreme so that everytime it boots up it gets the same local address.

                    2. Setup port forwarding for my sling box on por 5001 on UDP and TCP agaisnt the ip address given in step 1.

                    3. Reboot the Echostar box.

                    4. Connect using my IPad app.


                    For some reason even though the ipad is on the same network it has to go out to the internet and back again in order to connect to your slim box.


                    Anyways, once I had done the above it works fine now inside my home network and out and about on 3g.

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                      This has been happening to me today and I can't get Slingbox to load on my iPad.  Do you have any suggestions?   I've tried this for hours upon hours.

                      The entire reason I purchased this was to utilize with my iPad.  Please advise as this is very frustrating.

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                        Hi orlickg and all, we are aware about the difficulties connecting to your Slingboxes at this time. We're working to resolve this issue as quickly as we can. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience. We'll update this notice when we have more information.




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                          Just got my new hgs-600rs and spent £21 on the iphone app and I am also getting the "failed to add Slingbox" error.


                          Any news on fixing the issue?



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                            I'm having this same problem. I've tried for hours to link my Slingbox hd to my iPad. It keeps saying failed to add Slingbox. Any suggestions?

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                                I have now successfully linked my IPAD to my Slingbox with the help of the helpdesk.


                                They suggested the following steps:


                                * sign into slingbox on your computer

                                * go into your sling devise where you will see 'options'

                                * go in and copy your sling ID (very long string of numbers and letters)

                                * go into 'accounts.sling.com'

                                * register the slingbox id into this area (this was the bit I was missing)

                                * save.


                                However in saying this I had problems signing into this and ended up phoning their support desk who were very helpful, they checked everything and made some adjustments and within a couple of hours I was up and running successfully.


                                Try this and see how you get on


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                                I just purchased the Player for my iPad 3 and it said I have to upgrade my hardware. I have a Slingbox Pro HD. This can't be true. I am not going to spend hundreds of dollars on new hardware to run this $30 software. There must be something that I am missing.

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                                    beckifields Novice

                                    Hello Igoddard,


                                    Thanks for reaching out to the Forums.  It is very possible that all you need to do is actually update the software in the Slingbox.  There is software on the Slingbox that controls the encoding of the video and how it is streamed over the Internet.  It can also affect the use of our SlingPlayers.  I would recommend actually updating the Slingbox first, and then trying to connect it to the SlingPlayer for iPad 3.


                                    Below is a link that will show oyu how to do this:



                                    Hope this helps.


                                    The Slingbox Moderation Team