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    Error 0x8007274c cannot connect to Slingbox


      I have been using my Slingbox Pro for months on a desktop away from home without any problems.  Suddenly, the other day when I logged on I got this error message.  This message suggests that the problem may be caused by changes in network, router or firewall settings.  But nothing has changed.  All the settings at home and here on the second site desktop are exactly the same *** they were before the error message appeared.

      I had my nephew go to the house and reboot the router just to make sure that was not the problem.  But i still cannot connect.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?

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          Hi, acf55


          The "error 0x8007274c ..." error message means that for some reason, the Slingbox has lost the Internet Viewing settings. Most of the times, a power outage, electrical storm or any change on the Slingbox local network will cause this issue.


          Now, since your nephew reset the router, the Slingbox will pick up a different IP address, therefore, it is mandatory to run the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing one more time.


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