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    Video & Audio Stutter


      I had been using the Classic Slingbox for a couple of years and before Christmas I upgraded to a rehabbed Pro HD and never had a problem. Since the beginning I had the Cable Coax cable coming into a Splitter with one output going to the Cable Box and one to the SlingBox. Both with Coax input. Then yesterday all of a sudden both the Video & Audio started to, as best I can describe it is, Stutter. It would keep skipping so that dialog like "shouldn't you try and work this out so I would be happy" would come across like "shoul..ou..ry..and..rk..thi..out..s..wou" Well hopefully you get the idea. After two years of working fine. This happened on multiple computers and my iPhone. All the same.


      I first tried to reset the HD PRo. When that didn't work, I tried unplugging power for 60 seconds. Again, still same problem. Tried resetting up the box, and nada.


      So instead of having the Splitter I plugged the Coax directly into the Cable Box and then I tried using Component Cables "out" of the Cable Box and "into" the HD Pro. The sound came across fine, but I couldn't get a picture????? That was very strange.


      Next I again plugged the Coax directly into the Cable Box and then used the Composite cables to go from the Cable Box to the HD Pro. This seemed to work. But today when I tried to run Sling Player I get a message that says "The set-top's HDMI port requires an HDCP-compatible TV input. Please switch to......etc," Which is kind of funny because I am using HDMI from the Cable Box to the TV, but not to HD Pro. My assumption is that when not at home watching TV I automatically turn off the TV and the Cable Box and that with the Cable Box turned off the HD Pro can't get a signal or it thinks there is something wrong with the connection between the Cable Box and TV (though not sure why that should impact the HD Pro).


      If someone has any ideas on:

      1. why the HD Pro would all of a sudden start "stuttering" or whatever you call it;

      2. why the video wouldn't work with the Component connection from the Cable box to the HD Pro

      3. what the "HDMI port" error message was about and if my assumption is correct that if the Cable box is off the HD Pro can't get the cable signal (I actually thought if the Cable box was off it would just be a straight pass through), thereby causing the error message.


      By the way, I tried connecting to my HD Pro first and then to the Cable box, but it wouldn't work for some reason :-(


      So much for a couple of years of uninterrupted service -- I guess I was just lucky.