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    Chromecast not Streaming Properly on Slingplayer

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      About 2-3 weeks ago, I noticed that when I cast my Slingbox to my Chromecast, the stream only lasts for 3-4 minutes before dropping out. In an effort to troubleshoot, I tried this on the newer chromecast version on my bedroom TV and had the same issue. I have reset the slingplayer, the slingplayer app (both versions), the chromecast, the router, and the modem to no success. I also tried the same thing with my brother's slingbox (thinking maybe I had a specific issue with my hardware) and came across the same issue. On the other hand, I am still able to watch my Slingbox on my phone and computer flawlessly.


      Does anyone have any suggesstions? Is there maybe a new slingplayer update coming out with IOS 11 that will fix this?