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    Super fast connection but slingplayer performance is horrible.


      I am living in Santiago, Chile. I moved here about two months ago and have been using my slingbox from the hotel just fine. Results from www.speedtest.net showed that connection at about 1MB down. I have now moved into an apartment and I signed up for the fastest internet package they had. www.speedtest.net now shows 28MB down and 2MB up but for some reason slingplayer (desktop or internet viewing) is horrible. It starts to play and the speed fluctuates from 5kbps to 3000kbps but mostly it is around 23-130 kbps. It is not possible to really watch anything and I just don't know what to try. Everything else is working great. I can stream music from XM.com, no problem. youtube and other internet streaming is working great... super fast it's just sling. Any ideas? Something I can check?