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    M1 Reboots Consistently on Amazon Fire TV Stick


      Ok, I can see from the many posts that the "Slingplayer on Amazon Fire TV" dead horse has been beaten but need to post this situation to see if anyone else has come across it. I have an M1 Slingbox hardwired directly to a Netgear Orbi #1 WiFi router with Comcast X1 service. Viewing works flawlessly through the Slingplayer for Windows or Android apps regardless if I'm home or away. I also have one Amazon Fire TV (box-style) hardwired to the same Orbi #1 router with the Fire / Slingplayer app working near flawlessly (i.e. disconnects sometimes but not very often). Finally, I have one Amazon Fire TV Stick w/ Slingplayer app connected via WiFi to Orbi router #2 that disconnects consistently after 5-10 minutes of viewing. After waiting a minute and relaunching the Slingplayer app on the Fire TV Stick, I can view for another 5-10min before getting another disconnect. 


      I get that Slingplayer on Amazon Fire TV has very little support, but here's the weird part... The disconnect is happening because the M1 Slingbox is rebooting. For example, when viewing Slingplayer on the Fire TV Stick / Orbi#2, and getting the dreaded disconnect, I immediately try to login via the Android app on my phone only to get the error message "Your Slingbox is Offline..." Likewise, if I look at the LED's on the M1 during one of the dreaded disconnects, I can see that the Slingbox is going through the reboot cycle. What I don't understand is why this behavior only happens when I'm using the Fire TV Stick and none of the other devices?