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    SlingPlayer app for next gen AppleTV

      Apple will be unveiling a new AppleTV set top box on September 9th.  if all the rumors are true, AppleTV will finally have it's own App Store.   I'm really hoping Sling plans on releasing a native SlingPlayer for AppleTV app.  I've been using the SlingPlayer iPad and iPhone apps to stream from my Slingbox 500 to current gen AppleTV over AirPlay.  Even with a Netgear Nighthawk 802.11ac router, I'm still not finding Slinging from ios devices to AppleTV over AirPlay to be very reliable even over a fast WIFi connection.  The stream frequently pauses or stops altogether and needs to be restarted on the iPad/iPhone.  Streaming from my Slingbox 500 directly to the next-gen AppleTV without the go-between iPad/iPhone device would hopefully improve stream quality.
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          I am also waiting with anticipation for a dedicated Apple TV app.


          I have only used the android app and windows browser site and am unhappy with quality/lag.  Is the iphone/iPad quality better than other clients (Windows, Fire TV, WDTV)?  I'm certain the Apple TV SlingPlayer app will be the best slingplayer.

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            Hi, for enchancement request better use the below link

            Space: Enhancement Requests and Product Feedback | Slingbox Answers Forum

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              Sling team - can you at least respond to your customers' widespread desire for a dedicated Slingplayer app for the new Apple TV?  If you would at least let us know whether the software is in development, it could help many of your customers with their media streamer buying decisions.  Thanks for your feedback!

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                As a long time SlingBox (multiple iterations since Slingbox HD) user and beta tester, I am wondering why there isn't an app available as well. I am more than willing to buy an app in App Store for ATV simply because it's easier and cheaper to do that then pay for routing cable around my house simply to watch cable TV. Forget the headaches of an additional cable TV connection, setup box, weak signal, paying extra for an additional TV outlet and an HD fee on top of that. No thanks.


                Forget CableCard, you can't watch DRM channels via cablecard tuners. Yes, I have a SiliconDust Prime CableCard tuner and the apps that support it on ATV4 won't allow me to watch HBO channels because they are DRM tagged.


                So, my only other option is SlingBox at this point.


                So, SlingMedia...please develop an ATV App Store app for SlingBox for ATV so that I can watch TV around the house where I don't want to route cable.


                I would be willing to pay $19.99 for a SlingBox for ATV app.