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    Freezing and Dropping on Fire TV (and Roku and Fire Stick)

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      I'm still having this issue a month later. Is no one else having issues in Fire TV?

      Original Post: Remote watching connected M1 to high speed network via iPhone/Roku and Fire TV (also trying Fire Stick) Getting dropped constantly using any Fire devices or Roku. Maybe every 2-5 minutes.  Lots of buffering, freezing, lock-up, bad video quality, constantly asking to change quality. Have to reconnect every time to get it going again. However, when I watch via the app on iPad or iPhone (without slinging), I don't experience the dropping AND video quality and buffering are much improved. Anyone know how to stay connected through Roku or Fire TV? I'd rather use Fire TV so would like a solution for it. This is the whole reason I have Slingbox and Fire TV. Thanks!