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    Excellent bandwidth but poor bitrate

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      I'm watching my Slingbox 350 remotely over the internet on a laptop.  Speedtest.net tests put me at 40+ Mbps.  My source network is Verizon Fios with an upload speed usually around 12-15 Mbps. My bandwidth capacity fluctuates between good and excellent but for long stretches my bitrate hovers around 200-500 Kbps, sometimes dropping below 100 for minutes at a time.  I've looked around and I don't seem to see anyone else with a similar problem.  Most people have poor bandwidth and poor bitrate which seems to be more understandable.  The other thing that puzzles me is this low bitrate only seems to happen at work.  When I watch at home (my box is in another city) I almost always have good results but here in the office, not so much.  Any ideas?  Could it be the laptop?


      Thanks in advance.