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    Classic and HD will I loose?



      I have a Slingbox Classic which I am upstairs at the moment, and want to move it downstairs.

      My service is with DirecTv and I have a HD TV, and DVR downstairs.

      Can I hookup my Classic downstairs even though my DVR is HD as well as my TV?


      At this time my classic is and has been working GREAT and am hoping to still be able to use it without loosing any HD functionality with it in series.



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          eferz Expert

          You may be able to watch HD channels from the DirecTV; however, the  DirecTV will probably downscale the resolution for the Composite and  S-Video ouputs.  The Slingbox will rebroadcast whatever it "sees" and "hears".  Since you're limited to the standard defintion baseband connectors (Composite and S-Video) for the Slingbox Classic then whatever is fed from the DirecTV's Composite and S-Video output is what you will see on the Slingplayer clients.


          So, its not like your "loosing (lol)" losing anything, you just wouldn't be gaining anything either.