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    Read this first if you have an Issue with the On-Screen Remote Control

    alanrichey42 Master

      From my experience on this and other forums, problems with Virtual Remote Controls come down to 3 basic questions:

      1. When I run the Video Source set up my Cable/Satellite/DVR device is not supported.
      2. My On-Screen Remote control has no effect on the device.
      3. My On-Screen Remote has suddenly disappeared.


      Let’s look at each of these questions in turn:


      1.  When I run the Video Source set up my device is not supported


      The first thing is to make sure you try all the models associated with the manufacturer of your device, as most manufacturers use similar codesets across their device range. Also, make sure you select the ‘Other’ option under your manufacturer and try all the codes. And if it is applicable, try your provider as well. For example, Comcast tend to use Motorola boxes, so try all the options under both Comcast and Motorola.


      If that doesn't help request a remote from Sling at Remote Controls Requests. But be aware this may take a few months to actually appear. Please look for updates from Sling in this community: What's New.

      In the short term quite a few Custom Remotes have already been built andhave been stored here. Check there to see if your device, or one with a similar name, has been produced. If your device is not there, post a request in this forum, under the ‘TV Source Setup’ or 'On-Screen Remote Control' category with the Manufacturer and Model Number of your device in the Subject Line asking me if I can build a Custom Remote or recommend a matching device. And PLEASE confirm in the body of the posting that you have carried out all the above checks so I do not just redirect you back to this post!


      2.  My On-Screen Remote control has no effect on the device


      And this includes the situation where the Volume and Mute buttons appear to work. The reason for this is that those codes are never actually sent to the device, they are intercepted by the Slingplayer software and used to control its own volume. So those buttons will always work, even if the remote itself does not.


      There is a very comprehensive list of checks to make at Advanced IR Blaster or Onscreen Remote Control Troubleshooting so first work through those.


      Note:  If the device you are trying to control is a DirecTV or a Dish Network box then both these allow for multiple Remote Addresses so you have to make sure your select the correct address (The normal remotes assume the default address).  Some of the devices have built-in remotes for some alternative codes, but if yours is not included (and you cannot change the address to one that is supported) then post a request on the forum, giving the device and the address.


      Some of these also use RF for their systems so make sure you have IR selected for the output you are using.


      If that doesn’t help then it might be the wrong codes being sent.  Check out the answer to Q1 above and see if using a Custom Remote helps.


      If all that fails then post a question on the Forum but again make sure you mention you have carried out all the tests described in this post.


      3,  My On-Screen Remote has suddenly disappeared.


      First make sure you have actually selected ‘Show Remote’ on the web-based player, and/or tapped on the Remote icon on Slingplayer.


      If that option is greyed out then rerun the ‘Setup Video Sources’ to refresh the details in the Slingbox in case they have been corrupted.


      If you do not get a list of manufacturers showing up, or you get a message along the lines of ‘This Slingbox was not designed for use in ..<your country>’ and this happens regardless of country then your box has probably failed and you need to contact Sling Support.


      If that does not help try resetting the Slingbox and starting again from scratch.


      If that fails then post a question on the Forum but again make sure you mention you have carried out all the tests described in this post.


      Please do NOT continue this thread.  If you wish to comment start a new thread.


      Al Richey