Bell Expressview Model 4100 Satellite Receiver

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    I recently purchased what I thought was a brand new Slingbox 350 on Kijiji with a 1 year warranty. It turned out to be a newly refurbished unit from Factory Direct which was originally fired up back on June 27, 2013 so there was no warranty/support with Slingbox unless I paid them $29.99 per support session.

    I subscribe to the Bell Expressview satellite service using a standard definition model 4100 receiver. I created a Slingbox account and went through the steps to connect to my PC which worked very easily. My troubles began when I tried to select a remote for my 4100 receiver. I tried to find information on the Slingbox community site but had no luck so I had to spend many hours of trial and error to get my answer. Please note that if you have downloaded the new Microsoft Windows10 operating system on your PC the new Edge web browser is not supported yet. You will have to use the old Internet Explorer or Goggle Chrome to stream your TV content.

    Hopefully this will save someone a lot of time and frustration.



    To get the Bell 4100 receiver remote log in to your Slingbox account using your email address and password:

    Hit WATCH then select country and language

    Hit Settings


    Select BellTV-Digital (non-rebuild) (Canada East or West)

    Hit NEXT and your channel guide should appear

    Hit NEXT

    Hit Pick

    Select Satellite for Device Type

    Select ExpressVu for Manufacturer

    Select ExpressVu for Model

    Hit NEXT then test the remote (hopefully it works)(if not make sure your IR Blaster cable is plugged in to the back of your Slingbox and the emitter (little black pyramid) is placed directly in front of your satellite receiver.

    Hit NEXT

    Hit LiveTV