Cannot Use New Chrome Extension GUI Issue When Launched

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    So, Sling launched a new Slingplayer extension for Chrome.  Cool.  Well, not so cool.  You see by the image I uploaded, it doesn't work properly.  Upon launching the viewer, the advertising and guide panel can appear in an awful transparent overlay on top of the player -- and that is not what is intended.  The GUI is not usable, cannot click and use it. 


    Upon another load, the player worked fine and it was fully usable and was kind of nice, actually.  But, today, just launched it again and got the same terrible GUI issue.


    So, most of the time, the Slingplayer Chrome Extension is not working for me on my Windows 8 Laptop.  I encountered a similar issue on my Windows 7 desktop on Chrome.


    Someone at Sling should address this -- and I am definitely not calling their support number for $29.99 to report their own problem they created!