Slingbox 500 remote control of the Bell Expressvu 9400 PVR

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    There is a remote for the 9242 and the 9241 but I couldn't find one for the 9400. However, I found a way that works perfectly.


    Here is what i did and that works without any glitches that I know of. Everything I've tried works.


    Using the remote for the Expressvu 9400, press the Menu button twice. You will see on the screen the model number 9400 and on that screen you will see on the last line "Remote address" (translation from french). This showed "3" and the note "Infrared/UHF Pro on frequency A" (Again a translation of the french menu).


    With this in mind I started the configuration on the Slingbox 500.


    1. Start the Slingbox
    2. Select "Settings"
    3. Select "Input"
    4. Video Input Screen: Choose "HDMI"
    5. TV Service Screen: Choose your Bell TV-Digital (Canada East or West)
    6. Channel Lineup: Here you see the channel lineup for the TV Service. Everything is OK here
    7. Video Source Screen: Select "PVR"
    8. Select Device Manufacturer Screen: Select "Dish Network"
    9. Device Model Screen: Select "Default (Remote Address 3)" (here i selected the remote address found by pressing the Menu Button twice on the Bell Expressvu 9400 PVR)
    10. You will see Loading remote control
    11. You will have the opportunity to test the Slingbox control of your PVR
    12. You will be asked to configure your component Video Input for cases where copy protection blocks the HDMI output so repeat all the previous steps except select "Component" on step no 4.

    That's it it works fine for me, hope it helps owners of the Slingbox 500 control their Expressvu 9400 PVR from a distance. You will see the remote exactly as the one you use with your PVR except you will see the Dish logo, not the Expressvu logo.