Request Remote for Shaw Direct PVR remotes with extended addressing

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    I have setup a few SB-solos.  Using them with Motorola PVR-630 boxes, distributed through Shaw Direct Satellite for use on their network.


    Using Remotes defined under "Shaw Direct", I am able to set up the SB-solos with IR control using remote Binaries identified as 0000, 0001 and 0002.  This confirms that the hardware configuration

    with the IR blaster is functional.  When I try the 0003 version of the supplied remote binary, I am not able to control the Motorola units.


    As Motorola has advanced these units, they have extended the addressing options for the control of multiple units.  They now support IDs 0000 through 0007.  I am wondering if there is a way to get these binaries included for the new IRC600 and URC600 remote control units.


    Notes:URC600 Remote.jpg

    The current series of remotes for Shaw Direct, using the 600 series Motorola Infra Red remotes, have the ability to switch modes for operation on 8 different UHF frequencies.  (0000 through 0007).  This allows us to control different units in the same room or from other parts of the house and watch the units through WiFi with the smart TV generation or on computer/Android/iPhone.  Thankfully, Slingbox has offered us 3 of the first addresses [yes, just 3, not 4 as it appears].  The binary image for the remote and mapping for the buttons is not a major issue as the buttons vary on different remotes, what is important is the functionality of the buttons and the option to use the different remote addresses so that the boxes are not switched by errant signals directed to other units in the vicinity.