Slingplayer drops out

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    I have had a Slingbox for a couple of years, located in Norway and a slingplayer WD TV in Spain. For a long time it has worked fantastic, but recently I encounter a problem I am not able to understand.

    I Connect to my Slingbox in Norway and everything looks good. Signals come in nicely and it looks fine. After a few minutes the system starts telling me the quality is set too high and I reduce accordingly. Then suddenly it cuts off. I am told that it is impossible to Connect to my Slingbox. I then go through the motions again and the same thing happens again and again.

    When I connect to the Slingbox from my Lap Top on the same Router 1,5 m from the Slingplayer, the system Works fine. No interruptions. Do I need an update on the Slingplayer, or a New Version?