Slingbox Pro HD not working once cable box switched to X1 (Comcast)

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    I just switched to the Comcast x1 DVR player. I have my Slingbox Pro HD hooked up to this. I know that I will have to reconfigure my slingbox to the new Comcast equipment, but I keep getting error W200 as it is telling me to check my Internet connection. I did a reset of my slingbox, and even unplugged it from the cable box in my TV room to directly plug the slingbox into my router in hopes that I could configure it then hook it back up to the box. I still keep getting a message to check my Internet connection. While not hooked up to the cable box, the upside down horseshoe is constantly lit up and both the power light and network light are lit up. Any suggestions? I am stumped at this point and obviously if I call Sling Media my warranty for service has long run out. When I try to set up the slingbox again I can't get past the first step where it looks for my slingbox. It finds it in the directory and says unconfigured but then when I double click on the icon of it I get the error about checking the Internet connection.