Blocked white & yellow audio ports by Comcast

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    My cable provider, Comcast tells me they will not restore use of the audio ports on their cable box.  The Slingbox tech support guy told me to hook up to the 5 wire color cable ports direct to my TV set. We tried multiple cables and it proved why I get no Slingbox audio on my Iphone, Ipad, or PC.  Comcast has disabled these output ports and tell me they will not restore their use because they don't allow for devices such as Slingbox to be used on their equipment.


    This alters all of Slingbox advertisement if there is no workaround.  Also if there is a way of using the HDMI output to get audio signal to my Slingbox do I risk having my cable service canceled altogether?


    I fear if the rights are not established for ownership of the signal, as I suspect they must be for single use as I have applied it, then I will have no choice but to ask Slingbox to return my money and cease it's advertising campaign.  If the rights are established, how do I get Slingbox to intervene on my behalf with Comcast?  I loved the Slingbox product and Comcast is giving me no alternative for continued use.  Please help.



    Roy Patrlak