IPAD Performance on At&T UVerse and 2Wire Router 3800 HGV

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    Just a remark about the IPAD performance being used daily from Germany to access US TV in Chicago (UVerse).

    I do have the lowest speed at UVerse (1500 or so) but a high speed line in Germany (26000 - for free there!).

    For about 6 Month I did not dare to buy the slingmedia app for IPAD2 because of the very bad reviews.


    Well, here is mine: Can't believe that I did not buy it right away! Works perfect under ONE condition!

    You have to set the quality on "SD" not "HD" - result in Germany: No interruptions on live or recorded TV.

    Perfect for me or my wife to watch all recorded shows on IPAD or IPAD connected to TV.

    That’s all what I need.

    The Good: Set up of IPAD app - NONE - just your Slingbox e-mail and password (not sure if you need to be in your home network with this - but I did the set up at my home network in Chicago). Performance in your home (home network): good on HD no interruptions.

    Performance in Germany: Good on SD - no interruptions; Not good on HD – interruptions only!!!


    The bad: Dudes! Instead creating a universal player layout for all available players out there. Is it really such a big deal to create a mask for each individual player (apps or software)!??? The usability is hardcore and frustrating! Not an A - not even an F!