• IO-Data HVT-BTL navigation repeats twice.

    Hello, I am having a little trouble setting up my Slingbox M2 to control my IO-Data HVT-BTL.   Everything works great, EXCEPT the navigation (up, down, left, right) repeats twice. Everything (numbers, channel u...
    created by hopi
  • Slingbox 350, setting up

    I am trying to set up slingbox 350 but when I go to http://www.slingbox.com/Getstarted and choose Slingbox 350 it is redirecting me to http://newwatch.slingbox.com/#NoBoxFoundFacade/index  and than redirecting&nb...
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  • Problem

    I have a sling acc bt I jus can’t seem to use it on my firs stick why is tht
    created by Tayson_2017
  • Slingplayer for Android not compatable with Roku Ultra or Roku Streaming Stick+

    When will the Roku Ultra and Roku Streaming Stick+ 2017 Roku products be made to work with the Slingplayer for Android app.  Other Roku devices work OK but those that have invested in these new devices are left w...
    created by VinceCorrado
  • Slingplayer Desktop setup not compatible with Frontier FiOS Arris IPC1100?

    MacOS High Sierra / Slingbox Solo / Frontier FiOS / Arris IPC1100 P2 cable box / Ethernet wired connection to Frontier router.   Web Slingplayer worked fine with Sierra.  Upgraded to High Sierra - no workee...
    created by ACC682293
  • Pro-HD with LinkSys EA8500, LTE and LAN work, local WiFi does not

    I have just installed a new LinkSys EA8500 router in my home.  I have two Pro-HD sling boxes, but the problem I am going to describe is the same if I take one of the boxes out of service.  I can successfully...
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  • Request - Bell Fibe Arris VIP2502

    7 votes
    It doesn't seem to have been added yet? Would be much appreciated.
    created by lfeuln
  • change wifi password

    how do I change wifi password
    created by ajosephb3
  • How do I delete my sling account?

    can someone please advise me where on the sling website I can delete my sling account?   thanks B. Rgds
    last modified by mjall
  • How Do I Create Customer Control Using JP1 Remote Files?

    I found  links to custom controls such as JP1 Remotes :: File Section.   How do I actually get them on my slingbox if the set-up box does not work out of the box?   Using Amino 140.
    last modified by Ejardine13
  • Requst remote control for Strong PVR SRT 8965

    0 votes
    Seeking Remote for Riks TV Norway. Strong SRT 8965 Box .   Thank you TBA
    last modified by finnmark
  • Please help, cannot complete the initial setup process.

    Hi All, I cannot complete the setup on my M1. Both through the Android app and through the Windows Setup Assistant, I get to the stage where it shows me a video preview, then lets me [successfully] test my remote, and...
    last modified by ohadlesh
  • SlingPlayer / tablet problem

    When I bring the remote control up on my tablet, it is on the left side of the screen, and it totally cpvers the listing of recorded shows on the DVR.  Is there any work-around for this?  Thanks.
    created by keepontruckin
  • Bell Fibe Motorola VIP2502

    1 vote
    Need support for this cable box
    last modified by Nicbob
  • Need Custom Remote For eXuby DCB-MCRF

    0 votes
    I need a custom .bin file for eXuby DCB-MCRF remote.  I am using 2 separate OTA digital tuners with 2 slingbox 350's.  I am using the Mediasonic HOMEWORX HW220STB and the eXuby DCB-MCRF.  I need custom ...
    last modified by Rawbacon
  • Looking for custom remote for Mediasonic Homeworx HW220STB

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    I am looking for custom .bin file for Mediasonic Homeworx HW220STB. 
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  • How connected SB  M2 to UPC Mediabox

    What kind converter HDMI to component I have to use to connect slingbox M2 to UPC Mediabox .I know not all working .
    created by bler22
  • Slingbox Solo and UPC Mediabox HD (Pace)

    Hi everyone, I connected my new Slingbox Solo with a UPC Mediabox HD (Pace DCR 7111). I have used the SDTV SCART Output of the Mediabox and the "Scart-Phono Adapter" of the Slingbox to connect it to the Composite Cin...
    last modified by abw1
  • Roku Ultra (4660)

    Hello, anyone know how often they update Roku support? Just bought a new Roku Ultra (4660) only to find out that SlingPlayer doesn’t work with it.  Any help/insight would be appreciated.
    created by testing12345
  • Chromecast disconnection

    Hello,   Not sure if this topic has been covered but my Slingbox works for about 5 minutes from iPad to Chromecast then disconnects.   Issue has been happening for last month or so and is quite a nuisa...
    created by jimmerbra