Today we launch the newest version of SlingPlayer for iPad (Version 3.2) available now in the iTunes Store!


New Features of the SlingPlayer for iPad 3.2 include:

  • Advanced HLS Proxy 3.0
  • Auto switch resolutions in “Auto” mode based on available bandwidth
  • Available quality settings are "Auto", "Standard Quality" and "Audio Only"
  • Auto Power On for DirecTV and Dish
  • Move "Favorites" to top level of Gallery
  • “Rate SlingPlayer” Pop-up
  • “Check out Sports Stats” Pop-up
  • Comcast X1 support
  • Simplified Quality settings, now Auto or SD (Auto is recommended)


Bug fixes

  • Skinned remote control/display issues
  • Airplay does not provide correct messaging when user attempts Airplay in SQ (Standard Quality) mode
  • Some users are required to re-login after power cycling iPad


Known Issues

  • Twitter attempts connect automatically when trying to connect to Facebook (Twitter not logged in)
  • Airplay Mirroring: When Video quality is set as SQ in app settings then "Video out feature is not available in SQ mode. Please switch to Auto Quality from Quality Selection menu.



Sling Support Team