Today we launched new software and features for the Slingbox 500!

What's New?

Support for DishWorld feature: What is DishWorld?

DishWorld, combined with your Slingbox 500, is the best way to watch live international TV, with over 180 channels in 15 different languages – right on your TV! Plus with top packages, you can get 5 Sports TV channels free, including live international soccer.


Other highlights include:

  • Slingbox boot up time reduction
  • Stability in WPS/Wi-Fi connection
  • Added Advanced Remote Search to the TV setup interface
  • Added fix for Slingbox crash issue during connection, streaming and idle state
  • Added Message to switch from RF to IR if user selects DirecTV
  • Fix for the Blockbuster interface issues

                                I.            Box hang on Blockbuster exit during playback

                              II.            Garbled text on Blockbuster menu

                            III.            No way to go back from “sign-in” page

  • Reduction in time taken to start streaming
  • Fix for Stretched Audio issue during streaming My Media content to iPhone
  • Updated HDMI/HDCP messaging during input configuration


Known Issues:

  • Blockbuster and DishWorld apps are showing incorrect time in some setups
  • Closed Captioning disappears for up to 2 mins when seek operation is performed



- Sling Support Team